Who We Are

At Expert, we accelerate customer success. Through our partnership network with leading global technology manufacturers, we bring the right products and innovations to our customers. Through our experienced technical experts, we deliver the right solutions and services to meet customers’ needs.

Our IT infrastructure solutions range from traditional platforms such as endpoints and data centre technologies to innovative technologies such as multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, container technology, and cybersecurity.

Established since 1985, we are a leading IT infrastructure solutions provider serving small to large enterprises and institutions in both the private and public sectors in Hong Kong and Macau. We are agile with years of experience to help our customers and partners to succeed in the dynamic market.

Shared Values


Enterprises We serve enterprises from the Government, Public and Private sectors.
eXcellence We deliver excellent business values to our key stakeholders.
Partners We partner with leading global information technology OEMs.
Ecosystem We establish solution ecosystem to meet customer needs.
Reliability We deliver what we promised.
Trust We do the right things right.


  • 2022
    Expert AI Enabling Limited was established as a joint venture with Dr. Keith C C Chan to develop and provide products, tools, solutions, services, and trainings to enable the use of artificial intelligence. FY22 marked our 6th consecutive year-over-year revenue growth and reached a record high at HK$682.2M since listed.
  • 2021
    Expert completed the acquisition of ServiceOne International Holdings Limited, expanding our combined presence and customer base across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the Asia Pacific region (including Singapore, Japan, Korea and Australia) with over 800 employees.
  • 2016
    Expert was listed with stock code 8319 on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 12 April 2016.
  • 2006
    Expert HK established a strategic government business unit and was approved as a contractor of the HKSAR Government. Expert Macau was established for geographic expansion to Macau.
  • 2004
    The Management acquired 100% interest in China Expert, the then immediate holding company of Expert HK.
  • 2001
    Expert HK became a subsidiary of North 22, a company previously listed on Singapore Exchange Limited from 2000 to 2012.
  • 1994
    The then holding company of Expert HK, Legend, was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.
  • 1985
    Our first operating subsidiary, Expert HK, was incorporated.

Awards & Recognitions

VMware Partner of the Year FY21

HPE Top Performing Partner on Compute & Storage FY20

Veeam Best Growth of the Year 2020

More Awards & recognitions

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Expert is committed to the long-term sustainability of the environment and community where it operates. That includes controlling our emissions and consumptions of resources, upholding waste management principle of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace”, educating our employees to raise their awareness of environmental protection and complying with the relevant environmental laws and regulations.


Expert is committed to emboldening and supporting the public by various means of social participation and contribution as part of our strategic development. We focus on inspiring our employees’ sense of social responsibility by encouraging them to participate in charitable and community activities. Through our participation and monetary support, we were able to stretch our helping hands to the needy people in the society.


We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy and work-life balanced lifestyle of our employees. We support a work-life balance workplace through continuously improving employees’ working environment and reviewing their working hours and rest periods. We also actively engage our employees through various social, employee bonding, outing, volunteer works and charity activities.


We help you to build your career so that you can build a better world.

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Working at Expert, you will be a proactive team player in delivering our shared value with the highest satisfaction to our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and employees. Whether you are in operations, technical services, sales, marketing, or management, you play an integral part of our business ecosystem in delivering the highest quality information technology products, services, and solutions to our customers. You and our team help our customers to use technologies to solve business problems, improve productivity, increase efficiency and build a better world.

Diversity & Inclusion

Expert is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We ensure equal opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability.

Gender-Balanced Workplace

Expert has a gender-balanced workplace that captures a wide spectrum of talents and abilities, benefits from the different points of view and approaches that come from different life experiences; sparks creativity and innovation; improves team processes, and boosts group collaboration.

Age Diversity

From Generation X to Generation Z, age diversity in our workplace offers a unique opportunity for varied perspectives and approaches to day-to-day work. An employee’s knowledge and experience increase with age while a young person with strong skills and talent brings creativity and innovations. Cross-generational mentoring boosts knowledge transfer across the organization.

You are more powerful than you think. You are more powerful here.


We are expanding fast with many new openings available across different functions in the company, from back-office support to front-line sales and technical positions. If you’re interested in exploring what opportunities are available to you at Expert Systems, please click below “Job Posts on JobsDB.com” to see a complete list of our openings. You can apply directly from within the job ad at jobsDB.com

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