Solution Overview

Application Containerization is a solution that allows software applications to run reliably and securely on any platform or the cloud. Containers help companies modernize their application infrastructure by making it easier to scale and deploy applications through an entirely new infrastructure ecosystem. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform designed to automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Customer Needs

Agility – Kubernetes allows customers to deliver a self-service Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that creates a hardware layer abstraction for development teams. They can quickly and efficiently request the resources they need.

Cost-Efficient – Kubernetes and containers allow for much better resource utilization than hypervisors do; due to containers are so lightweight, they require less CPU and RAM to run.

Cloud agnostic – Customer can run Kubernetes on any cloud or on-premises. Customers can move workloads without having to recode applications which lets you standardize on a platform and avoid vendor lock-in.

Cloud Managed Service – AWS EKS, Google GKE, Azure AKE, and AliCloud ACK all provide a full Kubernetes platform management, so you can focus on shipping applications that delight your users.

Solution Diagram

( VMware vSphere with Tanzu Architecture Overview)

( DevOps Pipeline Automation Processes )

Solution Details

Kubernetes makes it easy to deploy and operate applications in a microservice architecture. It creates an abstraction layer on top of a cluster of hosts so that developers can deploy their applications and let Kubernetes to:

  • Controlling resource consumption by the development team
  • Load balancing requests across the different instances of an application automatically
  • Monitoring resource consumption and limits to stop applications from consuming too many resources and restarting the applications automatically.
  • Moving an application instance from one host to another if there is a shortage of resources in a host, or if the host dies
  • Automatically leveraging additional resources made available when a new host is added to the cluster without scheduling downtime.
  • Easily performing DevOps practices. e.g. canary deployments and rollbacks instantly

Solution Benefits

Portability and flexibility – Work with virtually any type of underlying infrastructure, whether it is a public cloud, a private cloud, or an on-premises server

Multi-cloud capability – Easily scale its environment from one cloud to another.

Increased developer productivity – Teams can scale and deploy faster than they ever could in the past. Instead of months, teams can now deploy multiple times a day.

Proven and battle-tested – Thousands of Top 500 Enterprises are using Kubernetes on daily basis. This makes it a proven, reliable solution that can reduce cloud complexity.

Expert Offerings

  • Consulting Service for Modern App Transformation
  • Professional Service to implement on-premises or multi-cloud Kubernetes Platforms
  • Education Services for Container and Kubernetes Platforms
    • K8S Developer Training (CKD)
    • K8S Administrator Training (CKA)
    • Agile / Scrum Project Management Training / Team Building
    • DevOps Training / Consulting / Onsite Coaching
    • DevOps Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer Outsourcing Services